Learning to Draw 2 – Self Portrait Before and After

I’m still learning to draw! I’ve just finished working through ‘Drawing on the right side the brain‘, the first book I got to help me get going, after I heard it could do wonders with even the most hopeless cases (like me!)

The first thing the book gets you to do is a self-portrait before doing any of the exercises in the book. 6 Chapters later, having learned about and done exercises on line, proportions, negative spaces, shading, and the ‘gestalt’ (wholeness) of pictures, you finish up with another self-portrait, and compare the two.

Here are my before and after drawings:

Before working with the book:

After (3 weeks later):

I think the book has worked pretty well! I’m going to carry on of course, and realise I still know nothing, and have so so so much to learn. I have another book in mind for my next steps, and intend to start sketching massively from here on too. What fun!

5 thoughts on “Learning to Draw 2 – Self Portrait Before and After

  1. Tom

    Fantastic Ben!!

    The first one looks quite frightening mind you…I can’t believe the transformation in 3 weeks. Then again, I guess for someone very visual like you it’s just about re-training the eye with a pencil instead of a camera 🙂

    Good luck!

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  3. Nicky

    Thank you for sharing your artistic journey. It is both inspiring and interesting reading to see your progress.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Flavia & Chris

    Wow i wish my stickmen resembled men…the difference in self portraits is impressive for three weeks. However you need some talent to start with, as they say you can´t make a silk purse out of pig´s ear….”oink oink” said chris´s drawing!!

  5. Ben Curtis Post author

    Thanks Chris – but I don’t agree about talent – we all have it somewhere, you just need to be motivated enough to dig it out!!


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