Sketching, 1

I’ve bought a Moleskine watercolour sketchbook and hope to sketch every day.

Here are a couple of first ever sketches (remember I only picked up a pencil 3 weeks ago, and these are done fast – it’s been taking me up to 2 hours to do previous drawing exercises!)

I see the joy in this already – you don’t have to worry about the pictures being perfect, and this will be a fascinating way of journaling things.

A huge inspiration has been the Urban Sketchers blog – my aim is to be able to add colour, via watercolour, soon whilst out and about, but I thought I better get a bit quicker with the lines first.

A couple of inspiring sketchers: Toñ the Madrid fireman (his story in English here), and Liz Steel. I’ve had a lot of great tips from the quite amazingly complete and impressive blog and resource Making a Mark too.

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