Bar Colonia before the rain…

Bar Colonia, Retiro, Madrid

Our secret place for a menu del dia in Madrid… A strange corner of the city where real ‘houses’ exist, hidden in the center of Madrid…

5 thoughts on “Bar Colonia before the rain…

  1. kenpeace

    I just popped that address into Google Street maps and well well well…. what a lovely looking area. Finally I may have found the barrio in Madrid in which I could live.

    I wonder how much those go for, a bit out of my price range I think.

  2. O.H.

    What a lovely drawing of El Bar! I grew up in La Colonia, and I remember it just like that, with the awning and weathered walls! Being the only bar in the vicinity, it was the kind of place where everyone met up. The grown-ups used to stand around drinking coffee or beers while the children (us) came in to buy sweets. I have great memories of that place 🙂 Thanks!


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