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Park Benches: 40 Degrees In The Shade…

Lady and Dog, Retiro Park, Spain

There is a bench in Madrid’s Retiro park that sits just across a path from the one I drew above – a lady writing a letter, her dog waiting quietly in the 40 degree shade. I drew the other end of the same bench, from the same spot, some time ago…

Bench in the Retiro Park, Madrid

More from the Park, a Shoe, and SketchMadrid!

Picnickers in the Retiro park sunshine:

My favourite ‘Palacio de Cristal’ with my favourite Pentel Brushpen again!

And the baby’s shoe!

SketchMadrid: If you live in Madrid and want to get together once a month or so to draw with friends, do join us for a SketchMadrid meeting!

Sketchcrawling in Madrid!

The International Sketchcrawl is an inspired idea! Organised via the forum at, people around the world get together in their cities and towns to wander and draw for the day.

Two of us got together for the day in Madrid, here are my results from the day:

We started deep in Madrid’s old Austrias barrio:

Stopped by the plaza in front of the Reina Sofia:

Then headed up to the Retiro Park:

To watch the people watching the boats go by on the lake:

Secret woods and portrait parties…

I love the above corner of the park – it’s left to itself, a hidden corner where weeds are left to grow, and less light gets in…

Meanwhile, I’ve been contributing to Julia Kay’s portrait party on Flickr, great fun for 10 minute outings with the brushpen:

Finally, I’ve watched too fantastic DVD’s recently. Simon Schama’sThe Power Of Art, and the disturbingly fascinating Crumb. Both highly recommended.