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Park Benches: 40 Degrees In The Shade…

Lady and Dog, Retiro Park, Spain

There is a bench in Madrid’s Retiro park that sits just across a path from the one I drew above – a lady writing a letter, her dog waiting quietly in the 40 degree shade. I drew the other end of the same bench, from the same spot, some time ago…

Bench in the Retiro Park, Madrid

Big Challenge! Madrid’s Palacio de Crystal

Palacio de Crystal Sketch, Retiro, Madrid

I thought I wouldn’t attempt drawing this for a long time, it’s so big and complex!

But in the end I realise it’s all just about fitting together pieces of a puzzle – some are bigger and more complex than others, but then you just need more time – speaking of which, I didn’t have enough to add watercolour, but I quite like this in just ink!