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Retiro Park, twilight...

Muddy feet in the warm park twilight,
Fat shrill blackbirds pause on a post and take flight,
Lattice branches of interconnecting trees and last clinging leaves,
Shimmering stillness,
The network of energy that is the solid earth beneath my feet,
And the darkening sky above my head.

The Landscape Feels…

Mountain range, Picos de Europa

The Landscape Feels…

The landscape says, “Look what I can do!”
Look at my mountains, my trees,
My rivers and my streams,
Look what I can do!

You marvel at my mountains,
Where 10 million years ago
There were only swamps!
Just look what I can do!

You build on me, dig me up, pollute me,
But if man disappeared tomorrow by his own hand,
I’d stay strong, and morph and change,
and say look! Look what I can do!

So really look deeply at what I’ve achieved,
Look at my 500 year old trees, my racing streams and awe-inspiring massifs,
Look at what I’ve done and what I continue to do,
And long may we enjoy each others presence, long my you stay around too.


Written in response to finding out about the idea that landscapes could have feelings… so I looked over a mountain range in the distance, and wondered ‘how does it feel?’