Lucky Lizard

The Lizard, Ben Curtis


Apparently lizards are lucky… which is indeed fortunate, as we have one living under our washing machine in the kitchen!

Park Benches: 40 Degrees In The Shade…

Lady and Dog, Retiro Park, Spain

There is a bench in Madrid’s Retiro park that sits just across a path from the one I drew above – a lady writing a letter, her dog waiting quietly in the 40 degree shade. I drew the other end of the same bench, from the same spot, some time ago…

Bench in the Retiro Park, Madrid


Inner Peace

From an art and expression workshop in Madrid… I started painting flowers from the sierra near Madrid, but ended up with lots from the English countryside as well.


One day I went to the park and stood beneath a blossoming tree as a sweet smelling wind blew petals down onto my head, a wonderful spring shower!

Blossom Shower

And since then I’ve been feeling full of spring!


Really Seeing a Rose

Seeing a Rose by Ben-C.
Seeing a Rose, a photo by Ben-C. on Flickr.

I’m really enjoying just grabbing a biro and a scrap of paper and heading to the Rose Garden in the Retiro Park – hugely inspired by my drawing book of the year: Zen of Seeing: Seeing/Drawing as Meditation by Frederick Franck