Lucky Lizard

The Lizard, Ben Curtis


Apparently lizards are lucky… which is indeed fortunate, as we have one living under our washing machine in the kitchen!

Park Benches: 40 Degrees In The Shade…

Lady and Dog, Retiro Park, Spain

There is a bench in Madrid’s Retiro park that sits just across a path from the one I drew above – a lady writing a letter, her dog waiting quietly in the 40 degree shade. I drew the other end of the same bench, from the same spot, some time ago…

Bench in the Retiro Park, Madrid


One day I went to the park and stood beneath a blossoming tree as a sweet smelling wind blew petals down onto my head, a wonderful spring shower!

Blossom Shower

And since then I’ve been feeling full of spring!


Really Seeing a Rose

Seeing a Rose by Ben-C.
Seeing a Rose, a photo by Ben-C. on Flickr.

I’m really enjoying just grabbing a biro and a scrap of paper and heading to the Rose Garden in the Retiro Park – hugely inspired by my drawing book of the year: Zen of Seeing: Seeing/Drawing as Meditation by Frederick Franck